Monday, May 27, 2019

Discovering Your Senses - Hearing

The wind whistling outside my window just before a storm.
The rustle of the leaves falling from the trees in the garden.
The chirping of birds, the fluttering of their wings.
The sound of feet, walking up a creaky stairway.
The ring of your alarm, after you have hit the snooze button.

It truly is a privilege; the sense of hearing that leads us to sound. It begins with a vibration, which is everywhere at once, and guides us – without us even acknowledging it – to hear the sounds that vibration creates. Pleasant sounds have the power to uplift us when we are most upset, and unpleasant ones can make us feel really badly.

For me personally, hearing is such a precious sense, because it led me to discover the vibrations and sounds of one of my innate gifts and passions: singing!

I love singing and, over the years, I have realized how much sound and music can easily influence the thoughts, feelings and emotions that constitute our mood. A lot of our likes and dislikes may be dependant on our current state of mind. We might like jazz or classical music when on vacation, blues when we are suffering a broken heart, and then techno, salsa or disco music when we are dancing the night away! These sounds help us maintain the current mood.

Music and sounds evoke certain feelings and emotions in us. They have the power to completely transform our mood, as well. The sound of your mother’s voice, for example, may relax you, or it may startle you. The gentle motion of ocean waves hitting the shore may change your feelings of tension into a sense of calm. Emotions and sounds are closely related. They interact and affect each other, and this combination can settle into our being and our minds and dictate the way we feel.

Memory also plays a role in how we relate to different sounds. A familiar sound can stimulate a memory and bring you back to the very moment you heard it, and you feel the same way you did when you experienced it for the first time.

Your wedding theme song, for example, will take you back to your first dance, and a nursery rhyme from your childhood might put you immediately to sleep. We remember ourselves the way we were when we first heard the sound, and all the feelings and emotions that were present in us at that time.

Memory attached to sounds can take you completely out of the present moment, making you relive the past, time and time again.

That’s why I love live music. Somehow it invites us to appreciate our sense of hearing in a whole different way. The live performance, as a combination of hearing and sight, brings us to enjoy as well the present moment. Some musical styles encourage improvisation, or solo performances, even within a well known song, and that is like hearing the tune or the words to the song for the very first time. What if we could live our lives that way? Willing to hear new sounds in familiar tunes? Or hear new tunes and make them familiar? How can this exploration of the sense of hearing through music and sound invite even more into our lives?

A highly niche skill, music is not only for enjoyment, but has also been proven to develop and sharpen aptitude in the human mind.

Think about it for a minute. Music is not only loved worldwide, but it also has the power to help you communicate with others. Beyond language, borders, and nationalities. The hit song “Despacito” found recognition and appreciation even to the ears of the non-Spanish speaking populations across the globe.

Music has always been a part of my life and I have always allowed it to enter into my soul and transform me. I find it to be one of the easiest means of expression and it relaxes me and brings me back to the joy I really am. What would it take for us to allow this magical perception and sense of hearing to bring us closer to who we truly are and enhance our connection with everyone and everything on the planet?

When we are willing to acknowledge all the many vibrations we are aware of, we can hear those that create sound in a whole different way. The magnitude of it is astounding, even when a vibration is not audible, we may not hear it, but we can still perceive it. What beauty of this wonderful sense of hearing can we acknowledge that will allow us to expand our senses beyond the limitations of this reality?

Kass Thomas

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