Tuesday, March 5, 2019

What is Your Relationship With Your Body?

All of us are a combination of different elements. These elements join, separate, interact and react to each other to construct the totality of who we are.The elements are made up of more elements and so on. For example, our personalities include our skills, feelings and reactions.

Different parts of ‘YOU’ or ‘ME’ may include our personalities, experiences and our bodies. 
In this blog, let’s talk about ‘BODIES’, and three things about it, namely, our awareness, acceptance and appreciation of our bodies.

Your body is the best indicator of how you are feeling. Your body is the outlet your mind uses to express itself. Bodies give us signs. These are signs can be of joy, of sadness and anger, of anxiety or excitement. If we listen to our bodies, we know how we feel. When we know how we feel about things, we are able to act in the manner to do things that result in happiness and excitement, and avoid things that result in sadness and anger.


How aware are you of your body?
I don’t mean just in terms of theory, but also in terms of feel. 
We know how many hands we have, but do we know where our hands are comfortable being placed when we are sitting? When we are sleeping or walking?

We have two legs, but how do those legs move when you run? Do they twitch when you are nervous?

When you realize a strong emotion manifesting in you, make it a point to stop and listen to your body. How is it reacting, how is it behaving?
For example, when you are nervous, does your heart beat faster? Do you start shaking your knee?

You can also track backwards from your body movements. If you suddenly notice your hand is shaking abnormally, stop and think about where your mind is at that moment. What are you thinking about, what thought is running through your mind, and then into your body and out?

Do you accept your body?

Do you accept each and every part of you, from your mind to your feet? Or do you avoid thinking about it? And on the other end of the spectrum, are you in denial about your body?

Body image is a topic that has been prominent throughout history, exists in the present, and will continue to be a part of our lives in the future. It has to do with your view about your body, and what you think constructs a ‘perfect’ body, and finally, the difference between the two. 
We need to accept our body, as it is a part of us. The most important thing when you look at it should not be, ‘Does it adhere to the standards of beauty in society today?’. The correct question to ask yourself is- ‘Is my body healthy? Is it happy?’

Societal standards for beauty and physicality have become an amalgamation of manipulation and facade. We need to ask ourselves- What is Beautiful?
In my opinion, difference and diversity is beautiful, health is beautiful and joy is beautiful!

Spend some time with your body, listen to it, and check if it is healthy and happy. If it is, do not torture it, and let it remain happy, and let yourself be included in its joy.


Finally, do you love your body?

Your body lets you do so many things. It is the monitor to the CPU that is your mind! It is the facilitator of your thoughts and dreams. It certainly loves you, but do you love it?

Acknowledge your unique beauty, and acknowledge what makes you different. Because what makes you different is what makes you, YOU.

When we accept and love our bodies, there is an immediate ‘click’ that we feel inside. Like the sound a key makes when it hits the right spot in the key hole, you feel like you have opened yourself up to a host of new possibilities and opportunities. If you love your body, it will give you so much in return.

So there it is! Connect, interact and listen to your body. Let it flow naturally and understand what it needs, and what it can give to you!

Kass Thomas

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