Monday, February 25, 2019

How to Create Happiness in the Work Environment to Increase Productivity

What if you could make sure that the environment that you create in your workplace is completely positive, and it makes employees reach their maximum potential?

A lot goes into your business being at its absolute best. Resources, ideas, plans, strategies, networking skills and most importantly, an excellent team to execute all this.

Now the question- what qualities should be in the people that you have hired to make them into a good team?
There is skill, qualification, commitment, responsibility and drive all come to mind. But one aspect that most of us overlook, is that team members must be happy.

We all function at our best when we are happiest. There is more to work than just robotically finishing tasks. If we enjoy what we do, we create at our full potential and maximize productivity.
Take a minute to imagine- the people that you have hired based on their amazing skills and capabilities performing even better!

Being a leader and having seniority over others makes us responsible to ensure that the company receives the best, here are a few way we can do that:

  1. Ask Questions and Identify Interests and Strengths
Ask the team members relevant questions to understand their potential and inclination.
Find out the kind of work they are suited for and inclined towards, and their performance will increase drastically.
This will require you to spend one-on-one time with employees and understand them on a personal level.

2. Identify ‘Showing’ areas and ‘Growing’ areas
   When someone makes a mistake in the workplace, what is the first thing that bosses do? They yell and shout, and use negative motivation. If you deal with mistakes in this manner, the employee does not understand what went wrong. Take some time out, and explain what went wrong, ask their awareness on how they can improve on it and give them suggestions, not answers. Help them find a path and tools to navigate the situation in a better manner- don’t tell them they ‘can’t’ do it, tell them this is somewhere they can ‘grow’.       

Similarly, identify areas that are the strong areas of the employee and encourage them. Just like they should know what has gone wrong, they should also know what they have done right- this will result in repetition and expansion of the desired behavior.

3. Share Your Experiences
One of your roles as a leader is sharing your experiences, which is the path you took, the decisions you made and the conclusions you came to. It is not about controlling their path and their decisions; it's about giving them the space to expand upon what they know so that they can make their own decisions and choose what is best for them personally. 

As a result, you have a healthier, more optimistic and more centered team.
Ask yourself then- What if you and your team could create the happiest business on this planet that generates more money that you can imagine?

Kass Thomas

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