Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Having Ease with Money: "Words Carry A Vibration"

Words carry a vibration.

"We hear an expression or an idea about money, something like “easy come, easy go” or “money doesn’t grow on trees” and then we start repeating it and acting it out as if it were our point of view. It's not our point of view. It's just some catchy phrase we picked up along the way. And we start saying it over and over again. We use these expressions and comments about money to get a laugh or a reaction and we are so happy when people recognize our phrase and nod in agreement.

All of that is in good fun, of course. No harm done, right? The problem is that words carry a vibration. When we repeatedly insert the same words and phrases into our conversations over and over again they become like a mantra or a prayer. By repeating them we unsuspectingly invoke an energy that starts creating a reality with money that may not reflect what we desire to have manifest in our world."

~Kass Thomas 

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