Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Having Ease with Money: "Create greater freedom and ease with money"

Create greater freedom and ease with money. 

"You want more ease with money? Start looking at the things you think and say about money and whenever you hear yourself say something like, “Oh, that has nothing to do with me!” or “Better I don’t even consider that point of view,” you can be sure there is something there that if you are willing to have a curiosity instead of an exclusion of it, will create greater freedom and ease with money. 

Everywhere you are purposely ignoring anything, you are eliminating the way in which that thing can be a contribution to you. Be open to hear about anything, receive the information from it and acknowledge its energy because everything is energy and everything can contribute to you. When you are willing to allow it everything can be a contribution to your money flows, your wealth of awareness and your dance with riches."  

~Kass Thomas

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