Wednesday, June 28, 2017

"Acknowledging the universe through our Body!"

Acknowledging the universe through our Body!

"Asking for clarity on what is right and light for us and listening to our Body is a way of acknowledging the earth, the universe.

Lowering our Barriers allows us to gift to the earth and receive from the earth with more ease.

Going beyond the superficial, walking in nature, connecting with the trees, their vibration, gets us in touch with our own vibration and that of the earth.

Creating a flow where there is stagnation and expanding the energy when it is contracted regenerates and breathes life into both you and the earth."

~Kass Thomas

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Relationships Done Easy "No Air Time"


"When we do that, when we are not choosing and styling our relationship
to fit who we are, we don’t see where we are cutting off awareness. We 
don’t see all those parts of us that are not showing up anymore because 
we have turned off the lights on that area of our lives. No air time. "

 ~Kass Thomas

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Having Ease with Money: "Change What Is Not Working to Generate & Create Movement" Plus New Workshop!


"If you are interested in using all energies to help you 
sail, glide and ride the winds of change with ease, you 
are going to like this book, use it and have fun with it. 
...Familiarity with these energies will  
help you acknowledge when nothing is moving and it 
is time for change. Changing what is not working 
creates movement and gets things going again. You 
can transform any situation so that it is more 
rewarding and more joyful for you. "  
~Kass Thomas

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If you would love to learn live with Kass Thomas on riches, money & being you, join her live or online this very upcoming weekend for Dancing with Riches! 

 Marseille, France 16/06/2017, 6.30pm- 8.30pm

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Relationships Done Easy "Simply a Choice for You"


"When you create your life based on what you don’t want, your position is about excluding and eliminating things that don’t work for you rather than choosing what would work for you and being willing to have someone choose to accommodate that..."

~Kass Thomas

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